DECT ULE: Clever Choice for IoT applications

Upcoming: Voice of IoT – Dect and ULE Industry Summit, 7-8 February 2018, B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DECT ULE Technology Summit was a two-day event that included Conference, Workshops, Hackathon and DECT Awards. See for a short report this video.

Scope: From 2016 to 2022 the global connected home market segment is expected to grow with CAGR 14%*. Security, lighting and climate control applications are driving this growth. Despite the impressive growth rate, this market is still in the ‘early adopter’ stage. Relative high cost, technology fragmentation and privacy and security concerns are hampering even stronger growth.

To accelerate mass market adoption, the DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance developed ULE technology as an extension of DECT, the de-facto standard for residential and business Voice and Data communications. ULE technology transforms millions of existing DECT installations in homes and businesses into secure, cost-efficient and versatile gateways for the implementation of home automation, security and climate control scenarios in residential and enterprise environments.

This conference addressed recent developments in connected home and enterprise applications and provided a technology outlook for ULE, a proven and reliable, low-power wireless technology that enables simple, reliable and cost-effective connected home and business platform.
* Source: ISH Markit (2016)