Annual DECT Forum and ULE Alliance conference – New ideas, new technologies, new country, new venue

ULE Alliance conference

Annual DECT Forum and ULE Alliance conference – New ideas, new technologies, new country, new venue

Each year, the DECT Forum and ULE Alliance bring together member companies and their representatives from all over the world to review the 12 months that have passed, to celebrate successes, to network in order to update the technology roadmap and to plan for the 12 months ahead.

This is a very well established gathering. Last year, the conference celebrated its 20th staging, and events in Barcelona in 2016 demonstrated that DECT and ULE were moving forwards. Alongside the industry veterans, bright young things explored clever and new applications for DECT and ULE – smart home, smart city and the Internet of Things. There was a palpable sense of change.

B.AmsterdamThis process continued into 2017, with the conference changing location – from a hotel in Barcelona to the uber-trendy B. Amsterdam facility in the Netherlands. With its 40.000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam claims to be the biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe and a creative work space for innovation, education, and growth. The goal of its founders it so build a bridge between start-ups, creatives, and corporates and bring them together, setting up ways to connect with-, learn from- and grow with each other. Rather than suits, ties and briefcases, this facility is full of post-industrial artefacts and populated by people in skinny jeans, t-shirts and – the men at least – wearing beards.

An appropriate and fertile environment, then, for the DECT Forum and ULE Alliance to deliver a new-style, fresh and different forum for its members. A re-branding saw DECT World become the DECT ULE Technology Summit. The concept was to not only make the ongoing work of the DECT Forum and ULE Alliance accessible to the existing community, but also to a wider audience.

Across the two-day event, headline speakers and key members delivered technology and commercial updates on DECT, OpenD, CAT-iq/CAT-iq 2.1, ULE, IMT-2020, marketing, security and the US market. Once again, the annual DECT Award ceremony took place at the end of day one (see separate story) with stand-out achievements celebrated across Design, Innovation, Enterprise and ULE categories, while day two saw a comprehensive line-up of Working Group meetings.

Day two also saw the introduction of another important new component to the DECT and ULE conference (see below), and once again the whole event was filmed and is available here for those that couldn’t make it to get a flavour of this, the new-style DECT Forum and ULE Technology Summit. Click on the movie screen here to watch the video overview.

Hackathon event presents DECT and ULE technologies to developers

One completely new element to the DECT Forum and ULE Alliance’s event was the 2017 Smart Home Hackathon which was run in conjunction with specialist event organiser Jakajima and sponsored by the ULE Alliance. Cash prizes were to be presented to the winners and runners-up.

Over the course of the Hackathon, developers were challenged to use DECT development platforms as well as established industry platforms to build the best concepts and implementations of Smart Home and Smart Building applications. A great selection of equipment and sensors was provided by DSPG Group, Dialog Semiconductor and Deutsche Telekom.

This was a well-attended and lively event, with excellent cross-group dialogue and healthy co-operation balancing out competition between developers. The frenzied pace and intense concentration meant that at any given time, any goal to keep desks – or the whole room – at all neat and tidy – went out of the window. Hackathon situation normal then!

Three applications rose to the surface: Key Free, a keyless entry system; Groundwater, for water level monitoring; Washing Machine Sensor, for energy management in domestic appliances.

Which one won? Well, you will have to watch the movie here to find out – click on the movie screen here.

Details of future DECT Forum/ULE Alliance Hackathon events will be provided over the coming months.

Comments from Hackathon participants

“The supplied development kits and additional materials were good, and it wasn’t difficult to start using them. Information and support were good too.”

“IoT needs a useful application, which I believe we were able to demonstrate.”

“It was a calm programming atmosphere – in the end we won!”

“DECT/ULE can be a good base for a connected platform at home, easy to extend with sensors (because of the simple built-in pairing tools).”

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