Below you can find the details of the Hackathon during the DECT ULE Technology Summit 2017, which took place on May 31-June 01, 2017, at B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For creative people, social ‘nerds’, developers, service designers; actually, anyone with interest in technique can develop IoT solutions. In short, the ULE Hackathon is organized for everyone who dares to accept the challenge to win prizes ranging from € 750,- to € 1500,-!

In an age of makers and developers, hungry to avail of new and existing wireless solutions for IoT applications, DECT/ULE is an obvious choice for robust (mission Critical) wireless connectivity in voice and data communications in the smart(home) and building and beyond. For this reason, DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance are hosting a hackathon to run in parallel to the Technology Summit in Amsterdam. The hackathon aims to attract the community of developers building the Internet of Things and driving the technology into new vertical markets with diverse parameters and requirements.

The Hackathon Challenge:

Develop a connected product and/or service for the smart home or smart building

The Hackathon attracts developers from a wide range of application segments. Although DECT and ULE enable a wide range of possible applications, the challenge shall concentrate on the smart home and building. One is typically an end user residential market and the other more of an enterprise market, however the boundaries are not fixed and can often blur.

DECT & ULE together offer a very compelling development platform for new application ideas. Voice and data in a single application is at the heart of this technology. Well thought out application concepts and implementations that understand this, and take advantage of the wide deployment of DECT and IP DECT will be rewarded for their endeavour.

Several partners challenge you to participate in this exciting Hackathon, of which the focus will be on creating mind boggling product/service combinations based on connected products.
Enjoy two days of grinding, workshops and coding, while building an Internet of Things product/service combination. Start from scratch, be inventive and create an awesome, though useful result. And, not least, enjoy full two days fun and inspiration with other creatives and techies. Interested?
Come join us for this hackathon on May 31 and June 01, at B.Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Industry development kits will be provided that enable the developer to tap into this potential and create ideas as innovative as our technology.

At the end of the Hackathon, the teams will present their product/service combination, which will be judged by a jury. The winning teams of the following prizes will be announced at the end of the day:

Best Overall Project (Concept and implementation) for a voice and/or data application for Smart Home and/or Building
Prize is € 1500,-

Best Concept for a voice and/or data application for Smart Home and/or Building
Prize is € 750,-

Best Implementation of a voice and/or data application for Smart Home and/or Building
Prize is € 750,-

Some rules / extra information:

  • Regarding products and data sets: You can use your own, as long as you are allowed to use them!
  • the following Hard- and software will be available: Developer kits (more information will follow soon)
  • You can bring your own necessary equipment, hard- and software tools as well. We supply power and Internet (and drinks and food obviously).
  • By participating in this Hackathon you allow the partners to publish your product/service combination under the Creative Commons attribution 3.0 License.
  • We expect max. 50 participants, who will work in teams of around 2-6 individuals.
  • Start spreading the news: Twitter: #ulehackathon

Registration is via our Meetup Group, click here