DECT in the World of Energy – Presented by Andries Pasma, Freelux


DECT in the World of Energy – Presented by Andries Pasma, Freelux, at the DECT ULE Technology Summit 2017, May 31 – June 1, 2017,B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sustainability keeps the energy sector busy; central power generating shifts towards decentral generating by solar and wind. Sustainable generated energy is supplied by several sources at different locations to the grid. As the consumer becomes a ‘prosumer’ the interest in energy management as part of home automation will increase. Outside, in the public domain, real time information at user level is needed. DECT can play an integrating role in the infrastructure in –and around the home. The challenge for the DECT community is to aim on the energy sector and develop together system concepts with the goal to penetrate with DECT in the home and micro-grid.

About Andries Pasma
Freelux founder Andries Pasma has 35 years of experience in the electronics consumer industry. He started as electronic engineer and, after his graduation in business administration, worked as product –and new business manager in Philips DAP Home Healthcare.  As an engineer grown up in a personal care ecosystem he focuses with Freelux on consumer needs supported by IoT.

About Freelux
Freelux is a Dutch-Vietnamese entity designing and manufacturing connected products related to the mains grid like smartplugs with energy monitor and lighting control in the home. Beside its own branded products there is a strong focus on ODM/OEM. As a Dutch company we link the knowlegde of our customer product creation process with the Asian manufacturing benefits. Freelux offers an open channel with its customers to secure compliance during the whole IoT productlife.

About DECT ULE Technology Summit 2017

May 31 – June 1, 2017, B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DECT ULE Technology Summit is a two-day event that includes Conference, Workshops, Hackathon and DECT Awards.

Scope: From 2016 to 2022 the global connected home market segment is expected to grow with CAGR 14%*. Security, lighting and climate control applications are driving this growth. Despite the impressive growth rate, this market is still in the ‘early adopter’ stage. Relative high cost, technology fragmentation and privacy and security concerns are hampering even stronger growth.

To accelerate mass market adoption, the DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance developed ULE technology as an extension of DECT, the de-facto standard for residential and business Voice and Data communications. ULE technology transforms millions of existing DECT installations in homes and businesses into secure, cost-efficient and versatile gateways for the implementation of home automation, security and climate control scenarios in residential and enterprise environments.

This conference will address recent developments in connected home and enterprise applications and provides a technology outlook for ULE, a proven and reliable, low-power wireless technology that enables simple, reliable and cost-effective connected home and business platform.


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